Vose Consulting US LLC has changed its name to EpiX Analytics LLC

October 15, 2010 - Boulder, CO, US

Specialized risk analysis consulting and training firm, Vose Consulting US, LLC, announced today that it has changed its name to EpiX Analytics LLC.

According to Dr. Huybert Groenendaal, managing partner of EpiX Analytics, an agreement was signed late last month that resulted in a split between EpiX Analytics (previously named Vose Consulting) and Vose Software BVBA.

“Our new name indicates an exciting change and re-focusing of our business strategy”, said managing partner Dr. Francisco Zagmutt. “Our business is to support decision makers by using state of the art quantitative methods to identify, quantify and clearly communicate the risks of any decision. We provide consulting, training and research services which will once again be fully independent of the specific software tool used. We are experts in using any of the popular Monte Carlo tools such as ModelRisk, Crystal Ball, @RISK as well many statistical packages including the R statistical language and WinBugs software. Based on client feedback, we know such independence is critically important for the highest quality advice”.

EpiX Analytics is a firm with vast experience in risk and decision analysis consulting . “We are a recognized leader in the field of risk analysis and decision modeling, and we are committed to helping our clients use modeling techniques to improve the quality of their decisions” said Dr. Groenendaal.

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