Our Training Philosophy

EpiX Analytics provides training on various aspects of risk analysis and modeling, from basic awareness and communication of the results of a risk assessment to complex mathematical modeling. We particularly specialize in the quantitative modeling of risk, and provide a very wide range of hands-on courses at various levels from introductory general modeling and introductory risk analysis modeling to advanced risk analysis modeling and Bayesian inference.

quote-PhilosophyWe believe in using practical examples to apply and reinforce the concepts and techniques that are presented in our in-house and open courses. To that end, approximately half of the course time of each course is reserved to solving problems that are relevant to the participants' fields and interests. These problems will constantly refer to the material as it is being presented. In addition, the courses build continually on the subject matter that has already been presented which emphasizes the inter-relationships between different aspects of risk analysis modeling, helps the participants recall past material and build up experience. Last but not least, it encourages the creative problem solving that is critically important in risk assessment.

Participants are paired together each day for these exercises. This stimulates discussion, evens out the skills and knowledge each participant brings to the course, and provides a more congenial working environment. Above all, we believe in making these courses fun, as well as challenging and valuable.

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Brief History of EpiX Analytics

EpiX Analytics was founded in 2003 in Princeton, NJ under the Vose Consulting name, and among its offerings it included specialized software to perform Monte Carlo simulations. Read More >>