November 2, 2017 - EpiX Analytics to attend Palisade's November 15-16, 2017 Risk Conference in Nashville, TN

November 2, 2017 - Boulder, CO, US

EpiX Analytics will be making two presentations at Palisade's Risk Conference in Nashville.Palisade's Risk Conference in Nashville.

Interested in how to incorporate various sources of data in a model? Be sure to attend Francisco Zagmutt's 11/15/17 presentation entitled, "Can you mix apples and oranges? Populating your models with diverse sources of information".

Interested in getting more value out of @RISK? Plan to attend Huybert Groenendaal's 11/16/17 presentation entitled, "Getting more value out of @RISK: Lessons from several case-studies".

Stop by and say hello. Francisco and Huybert would be happy to chat with you.