Vose Consulting US LLC has changed its name to EpiX Analytics LLC

Vose Consulting is now called EpiX Analytics LLC. An agreement was signed late last month that resulted in a split between EpiX Analytics (previously named Vose Consulting) and Vose Software BVBA.

Our new name indicates an exciting change and re-focusing of our business strategy. We will once again be fully independent of the specific software tool used, even though we are experts in using any of the popular simulation modeling tools such as ModelRisk, Crystal Ball, @RISK as well many statistical packages including the R statistical language and WinBugs.

As part of this change, we have completely redesigned our website. Please visit us at www.epixanalytics.com to see our new website and to read the full press release regarding our name change. We would love to hear your comments about our new site!

EpiX Analytics is now PMI Certified

Our Introduction to Quantitative Project Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis course is now certified by the Project Management Institute. “The PMI certification of our project risk analysis course is an important recognition of the quality of our training and workshops,” says Epix Analytics managing partner Dr. Huybert Groenendaal. “Our clients will not only get high quality and hands-on risk analysis training, but also the PMI education credits
they need.”,

The “Introduction to Quantitative Project Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis” course is designed to help those who wish to apply quantitative risk analysis modeling to project planning and cost estimation problems. The course will teach participants how to better understand a project’s risk and uncertainty, and improve the operational management of risks during the execution of a project. Course participants will also learn the most important modeling techniques, methods and software tools available to perform and interpret project cost and schedule risk analyses using risk modeling techniques, including Monte Carlo simulation.

Upcoming Courses

In addition to offering our popular courses, we have added two new courses for 2011!

To access our current course schedule, please visit this link. Many of our courses are organized at a client location and customized for a specific need, so don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.

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