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  • Palisade’s 2013 Risk Conference - Dr. Francisco Zagmutt, managing partner, delivered a keynote talk entitled “You got @RISK, now what? Building technically sound simulation models”, at Palisade’s 2013 Risk Conference in London, UK, on June 11, 2013. During this talk, Dr. Zagmutt highlighted several traps and mistakes that are frequently made when building stochastic models and provided a checklist for analysts to keep in mind while building their @RISK models. In addition, Dr. Solenne Costard, senior consultant, presented “Risk-based Portfolio Management: A pharmaceutical application”, a case study based on a real life consulting project that illustrates the use of Monte Carlo simulation modeling in forecasting complex pharmaceutical portfolios. Visit the conference’s website for more details on the conerence contents and schedule.
  • Oracle’s Collaborate 13 - Two EpiX Analytics consultants presented educational talks during Oracle’s Collaborate 13 Forum on April 8th. The first presentation was delivered by Dr. Francisco Zagmutt, and focused on how to transition deterministic models to stochastic ones while avoiding common mistakes during this process. A copy of the presentation is available here. The second talk, delivered by Dr. Huybert Groenendaal, managing partner, was titled “Crystal Ball Case Studies: Successes and failures using simulation models and Crystal Ball and what you can learn from them.” Dr. Groenendaal demonstrated, via case studies from the oil & gas industry, pharmaceuticals, and technology & services industries, how the use of Crystal Ball can dramatically improve decision-making. A copy of the presentation is available here.

EpiX Analytics Summer/Fall Course Schedule.

Our 2013 Course Schedule has been updated and we would like to share it with you. If you are interested in a customized in-house class, please contact us directly. We are continuing to offer government, student and also group discounts (starting at 3 participants from one organization) or early registration discounts. Please visit our website for details on our discount program.

Registration is now open on the UKPASS.org website for the EpiX Analytics and the Royal Veterinary College sponsored Postgraduate Certificate in Risk Analysis in Health and Food Safety which begins in March 2014 at the Royal Veterinary College, in London, UK.


Course title




London, UK Postgraduate Certificate in Risk Analysis in Health and Food Safety - Three modules during Spring & Summer, 2013 £ 7000
Amsterdam, The Netherlands Quantitative Risk Analysist 3 days June 3-5, 2013 US$2,140
Amsterdam, The Netherlands Introduction to Quantitative Project Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis 2 days June 6-7, 2013 US$1,490
London, UK Animal Agriculture and Food Safety Risk Analysis and Disease Modeling 2 weeks September 2-13, 2013 US$2,995 per week
US$4,995 2 weeks
Boulder, CO, USA Corporate Finance Risk Analysis 3 days October 9-11, 2013 US$2,140
Boulder, CO, USA Quantitative Risk Analysis 3 days November 6-8, 2013 US$2,140
Boulder, CO, USA Quantitative risk analysis with R 4 days November 18-21, 2013 US$2,495