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A busy start of the year!

After a very successful 2011, EpiX started this year with a variety of consulting, training, and research activities. The following is a sample of what has been keeping us busy recently:

  • Consultancy:

    Our consultants have recently completed a number of interesting projects, including helping a technology company with a multi-year market projection, performing a risk analysis on an investment in a wind turbine park and power plant, and optimizing the investment strategy of an oil and gas investment firm using stochastic optimization.

  • Scientific publications:

    In addition to our consultancy work, our consultants have remained busy publishing scholarly work in a variety of fields. In the last month three articles authored and co-authored by our consultants were accepted for publication in peer-reviewed scientific journals. The articles apply a variety of analytical methods to tackle human and animal health questions. For instance, in one publication our consultants used Bayesian networks to estimate the safety profile of a variety of therapies for an important neurological disease in humans, whereas in another study, Monte Carlo simulation and econometric methods were used to evaluate the efficacy of an official animal disease control program in The Netherlands.

  • Book co-authored by one of our managing partners:

    Dr. Huybert Groenendaal co-authored the recently published book titled "Practical Spreadsheet Risk Modeling for Management". The book has received excellent reviews in Amazon and has already been adopted as the core syllabus book by risk analysis trainers. There are only a few copies left in Amazon!

  • Presentations:

    EpiX was invited to give a talk on methods for the probabilistic modeling of expert opinion at the American Society of Pharmaceutical Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics annual meeting on March 15 in Washington DC. Please stop by and say hello if you are attending the conference.

  • In-house training:

    Recently, our consultants have delivered multiple in-house and online classes in subjects that range from the use of Monte Carlo in strategic decision making and finance to more technical classes covering actuarial techniques or disease modeling.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are considering a risk analysis project or training course that you'd like to discuss. We are always happy to discuss your needs and give you our thoughts free of cost and without any pressure to hire our services.

New risk analysis courses a great success!

In an effort to continue providing state-of-the-art quality training in risk analysis and modeling, last year we added several new courses to our training roster. These included two new courses in pharma, Risk Modeling in Drug Development and Financial Risk Modeling for Pharmaceuticals, and also two epidemiology and food safety risk analysis courses delivered in conjunction with the RVC, University of London; Applied Risk Analysis in Epidemiology and Animal Agriculture and Food Safety Risk Analysis. The latter courses were such a success that we even had to turn down participants because we had a full house!

This year we are continuing offering government discounts. Please visit our website for details on our discount program, which also includes groups, academic, and early registration discounts.

We believe in using practical examples and case studies to reinforce the concepts and techniques that are presented in our courses. Approximately half of the course time of each course is reserved to solving problems that are relevant to the participants' field and interests. Below is our 2012 course schedule.

EpiX Analytics 2012 Course Schedule

Location Course Title Length Dates

Boulder, CO, USA

Risk Modeling in Drug Development New!

2 days

Mar. 19 - 20, 2012

Boulder, CO, USA

Financial Risk Modeling for Pharmaceuticals New!

2 days

Mar. 22 - 23, 2012

Boulder, CO, USA

Quantitative Risk Analysis

3 days

Apr. 2 - 4, 2012

London, UK

Applied Risk Analysis in Epidemiology New!

5 days

May 14 - 18, 2012

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Introduction to Project Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis New, PMI Certified!

2 days

Jun. 6 - 7, 2012

Fort Collins, CO, USA

Quantitative Risk Analysis and Disease Modeling in Epidemiology

5 days

Jun. 11 - 15, 2012

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Corporate Finance Risk Analysis

3 days

Jun. 18 - 20, 2012

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Financial Risk Modeling for PharmaceuticalsNew!

2 days

Jun. 21 - 22, 2012

London, UK

Animal Agriculture and Food Safety Risk Analysis Updated!

10 days

Aug. 28 - Sept. 7, 2012