Modeling Food Safety and Animal Health Risks Using R

Duration: 2 full days

Minimum of 6 people and maximum of 20

Course overview

This 2-day hands-on workshop will cover essential risk modeling methods available in food safety and animal health, particularly emphasizing microbial, antimicrobial, and trade risk analysis applications. Course participants will learn simulation and calculation methods in the R statistical language, while the solution to course exercises and models will also be provided in @RISK with Excel for those participants who may want to transition between software platforms. Participants will also learn how to select appropriate distributions, use data and expert opinion, and avoid common modeling mistakes. Example models from the instructors, including antimicrobial risk assessments, and animal health risk assessments will be used to reinforce the methods and best modeling practices discussed during the class.

Course content

Training material

Lecture notes both in hard copy and in a USB drive will be provided. The USB will also contain all model files produced for the course and many extra models and material for participants to train during and after the course. Participants will also have access to a web-drive where they will be able to retrieve course exercise files simultaneously, as the instructor develops them during the class.

Course format

The course runs from 09:00 to 17:00 each day, but registrations on the first day begin at 8:30am. Morning and afternoon coffee and lunch are provided. The course will be delivered in English.

Who should attend

Anyone that needs to conduct, present, or critique quantitative risk analyses in food safety, animal health, or One health. This course is also well suited for professionals providing inputs to risk analyses or those who need to use risk analysis results. Also, this workshop is well suited for people who have experience in risk modeling using spreadsheets but want to learn how to use a more flexible modeling environment such as R.

Prerequisites and required software

Participants are required to bring laptops loaded with R and a pdf reader. R is an open-source freeware that works for Windows, Mac, or Linux and can be downloaded free of charge from the R Project websiteR Project website. As R is updated constantly, please download the latest version before attending the course. Also, it is recommended that participants use a code editor to facilitate the writing and storage of code: we recommend Tinn-RTinn-R for Windows users, and RStudioRStudio for Mac users.

Participants are strongly encouraged to prepare for the class by reviewing this document. Although prior experience using R or other simulation tools is not required, participants with no prior R experience are encouraged to learn fundamentals of R programming by reviewing online material such as Code School TryRCode School TryR and/or DataCamp's free Introduction to RDataCamp's free Introduction to R.

Free ModelAssist

ModelAssist is a comprehensive risk analysis training reference and is free of cost. This reference tool provides an in-depth explanation of all of the risk analysis concepts, techniques and methods introduced in this course, and greatly complements the course material. ModelAssist can be downloaded or accessed directly online from our website.

Teaching philosophy

All of EpiX Analytics' courses aim to help the participants understand risk analysis from the bottom-up, which is achieved through a relaxed, informal and interactive environment using plenty of examples and hands-on exercises where students apply and adapt what they have learned.

Lodging and transportation

Course participants must arrange their own accommodation. However, we will be happy to provide information and alternatives for your travel arrangements. After you complete your registration form, please let us know that you will need our help.

Registration details

Start Date To be confirmed
Individual Price $1,490.00


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