May 5, 2014 – EpiX Analytics to give talks at the Palisade 2014 Risk Conferences in Washington, DC and New Orleans, LA

May 5, 2014 - Boulder, CO, US

Dr. Francisco Zagmutt will be delivering a talk entitled “What Matters and What Doesn’t: Building Pragmatic and Robust Simulation Models” at Palisade’s 2014 Risk Conference in Washington, DCPalisade’s 2014 Risk Conference in Washington, DC, on June 26, 2014.  Also, Dr. Huybert Groenendaal will be presenting at Palisade’s 2014 Annual Risk Conference in New Orleans, LA, on November 19-20, 2014.

In addition, Drs. Groenendaal and Rinehart will attend the SPE Hydrocarbon Economics and Evaluation SymposiumSPE Hydrocarbon Economics and Evaluation Symposium in Houston, TX, on May 19-20, 2014. Please let us know if you are also attending, we would be delighted to catch up!

For more information, please contact Barbara O’Neill at: