June 5, 2020 - EpiX webinars on COVID-19 and business decision modeling

June 5, 2020 - Fort Collins, CO, US

On June 18th, experts from our team will be presenting the first of two webinars discussing COVID-19 pandemic lessons on probabilistic modeling and business resilience. We will share our experience and unique perspective, working in both epidemiology and business decision-making, and discuss what epidemic modeling can teach us about decision making under uncertainty. We will also highlight how modeling uncertainty can be key to mitigating risks and identifying opportunities inherent in any business.

The first webinar “COVID is not a black swan, so why did it still catch most off-guard?” will review different epidemic models and their specific applications to manage epidemics such as COVID-19, with an eye on the importance of choosing the right type of model, and acknowledging parameter and model uncertainty. The presenters will tie this to applications of modeling in business situations, using real-life case studies.

Please register for the first seminar at https://go.palisade.com/WBN2020-06-18COVIDNotaBlackSwan.htmlhttps://go.palisade.com/WBN2020-06-18COVIDNotaBlackSwan.html.


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