Early Drug Development – improving decision making

Decisions made throughout the entire drug development and commercialization process are fraught with risks and uncertainties. A top-10 pharmaceutical firm wanted to improve its decision-making to reduce its R&D costs and increase its productivity by using quantitative risk analysis techniques and Monte Carlo simulation.

The client engaged EpiX Analytics to support its clinical pharmacology team in a number of important projects. In addition, EpiX organized a number of custom-developed training workshops covering various aspects of probabilistic analytics including the most important stochastic processes, combining expert opinions, meta-analytics techniques and other best practices.

As a result of EpiX assistance and training courses, the client now consistently uses Monte Carlo and stochastic techniques to improve decision-making in the early drug development process.

A quote of the client’s experience with EpiX can be found in our testimonials, see Testimonials.

Note: EpiX together with the client also jointly organized a number of workshops, including one at the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists and another one at the American Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics. EpiX also co-authored an article regarding the use of risk analysis techniques in drug development called “Probabilistic Risk Analysis: Improving Early Drug Development Decision Making”.

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Brief History of EpiX Analytics

EpiX Analytics was founded in 2003 in Princeton, NJ under the Vose Consulting name, and among its offerings it included specialized software to perform Monte Carlo simulations. Read More >>