Dr. Kurt Rinehart

Dr. Kurt Rinehart

Dr. Kurt Rinehart is a Senior Consultant at EpiX Analytics, where he performs a range of statistical analyses in addition to contributing to risk analysis and optimization projects. Kurt’s projects take a decision-centric approach and apply techniques such as value of information analysis, network optimization, multi-level regression modeling, or spatial analysis to supply robust, data-driven support for sound decisions. Depending on the client’s needs, deliverables may include analytical results, such as a set of forecasts or predicted values, or the emphasis may be on products such as user-friendly models and other files enabling the client to execute custom analytical functions as needed. In all cases, Kurt takes great care to ensure clients have all the resources and support necessary to not only get “the numbers”, but also to understand where they come from and how to use them wisely. Kurt also contributes to EpiX Analytics’ Quantitative Risk Analysis courses including Quantitative Risk Analysis with R.

Dr. Rinehart earned Ph.D. and Master’s degrees from the University of Vermont and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Iowa. He is proficient in R, Stan, QGIS, ArcGIS, @RISK, CrystalBall, RiskSolver, and a variety of database platforms, including Microsoft SQL Server and Access, Postgres, and MySQL.





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