Our core business is helping our clients make better decisions in situations of uncertainty. Our clientele and research partners come from diverse backgrounds and industries.

We have a very pragmatic, task oriented approach to consulting that differentiates us from our competitors. The essences of these differences are:

  1. First, we don’t believe in black boxes. For this we teach clients about our methods and models and make them self-sufficient. All of our models and analysis come with a manual and/or documentation and are thoroughly discussed with our clients;
  2. Second, we focus on the decision question first. Complex models sometimes are necessary, but we only consider them if they present a significant improvement to help our clients make better decisions. With our pragmatic approach we often recommend the simplest model that will provide appropriate answers. This not only facilitates communications, but also reduces the scope and budget of a project;
  3. Third, quantitative risk and probabilistic analyses are our core expertise and not a small part of our services. As such, we have established a reputation for high quality work;
  4. Finally, we understand the importance of clearly communicating the results and models we develop together with our clients. We will go the extra mile to make sure that our clients and research partners understand the model delivered or the results obtained.


The majority of our work is from repeat clients, which is a direct testimony to the quality and benefits of our consulting and training work. Please visit our testimonials, client list and client success stories sections to learn more about our consulting work and client satisfaction.


We believe in seeing to believe.

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