April 6, 2017 - EpiX Analytics co-authors book on index insurance with World Bank

April 6, 2017 - Boulder, CO, US

Obtaining protection against financial losses such as drought, heatwaves and typhoons is often difficult or impossible for small firms in developing countries. Index insurance, a relatively new insurance product, is an alternative financial instrument that can provide a low-cost risk management solution. While index insurance has a clear potential to improve resilience and risk management for vulnerable populations, it is often perceived as complex and difficult to be evaluated.

In an effort to address this need, Dr. Huybert Groenendaal, managing director of EpiX Analytics, worked together with The World Bank on a handbook that takes a hands-on risk modeling approach to appraise named peril index insurance products. Other EpiX Analytics members, including Dr. Rinehart and Dr. Zagmutt also contributed to several sections of the handbook. EpiX Analytics co-authored the handbook as part of its efforts to give back.

The full handbook is freely available from The World Bank websiteThe World Bank website.