We conduct and participate in research projects for private industry, lead and perform research grants for the government, and collaborate with academia.  We believe our commitment to research is essential to our success as a consultancy and training firm, as it allows us to continuously improve and refine our approaches and apply the latest modeling techniques to our projects.

Also, participating in research projects and publishing our findings allows us to share our knowledge to the scientific community at large.

Our research activities are divided into three core categories:

Commissioned research

Competitive research grants

Scientific reviews and reports

Under this popular modality, organizations commission EpiX Analytics to perform specific research that requires quantitative modeling methods.  Examples of research projects that we have performed under this scheme include statistical and epidemiological modeling, human and animal health economics, pharmaco-economics, pharmaco-kinetics modeling, food-safety risk assessments, and operations research projects.

We partner with research institutions such as Universities, research labs, technology firms, and government institutions to collaborate in competitive grant funds. Under this approach, our fees are covered by the granting institutions and also this enables us to contribute to the scientific community by supporting PhD and M.Sc. students. This scheme is particularly popular with universities wanting to do applied research that requires advance modeling expertise but do not have the opportunity or time to open a new position and find a candidate with the right skills.

We have ample experience creating scientific reviews for private and public institutions. Examples of this work include independent reviews of scientific reports, participation on expert panels, drafting and/or reviewing science-based policy decision reports and international regulatory policies, and expert witness services for international litigation disputes. Our consultants have developed a solid reputation for their science-based independent reports in a variety of disciplines, with our core expertise being quantitative modeling in pharma, epidemiology, animal health and food-safety.

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