Student Testimonials: Postgraduate Certificate in Risk Analysis in Health and Food Safety

I have really enjoyed the course, although the subject is challenging, I find the last module invaluable and it makes all the difference in learning compared to just participating in your [EpiX Analytics’] open courses, however excellent they are...thank you for an excellent course.

Kaisa Sörén, Epidemiologist
National Veterinary Institute, Swedish Zoonosis Centre


As far as I am concerned, this was the most specific and useful course at which I attended so far. In my opinion the course was well organized and structured, has certainly responded to my expectations. I am very satisfied I can easily say that I consider this course the best investment I could do for myself and my future!

Matteo Crotta, PhD Student
University of Milan


The course is about a very interesting matter and is very relevant for me to develop my career in Public Health. Objectives covered in the course were clearly explained and achieved. I gained a good knowledge of Risk Analysis although talking experience on the subject will be needed. . . great course with the latest techniques in risk analysis taught and I would highly recommend it.

Eva Maria Tirado Ruiz, Veterinarian
University of Bristol, UK


First of all, I shall note the courtesy of the course management that provided me exemptions from the first module . . . Though, I highly recommend to prospective students to take all modules without exemptions since it is of particular importance for keeping integrity of the course material perception. I completely enjoyed the course.

Fedor Korennoy, Arriah
(Federal Center for Animal Health)
Vladimir, Russia


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