Extremely Worthwhile

Dr. Francisco Zagmutt's four-day course on Introduction to Animal Health Risk Modelling was extremely worthwhile. His methods of reviewing the vast amount of information on which the field is based and seamless introduction of brand new concepts are expert, and it is obvious that he is extremely knowledgeable and genuinely interested in the subject matter. Francisco always had the right anecdote or bit of history to put the issues at hand into context, and in so doing, made for a richer, more memorable experience than just introduction of formulae and application to a specific dataset. He also had an affable and approachable attitude that generated a friendly atmosphere amongst a diverse group of students and promoted a camaraderie that outlasted the few short days of the course. My only regret is that we didn't have longer to soak up more knowledge about this fascinating subject!

Centre for Veterinary Epidemiological Research

Kristen Reyher, DVM, MRCVS, PhD candidate
Atlantic Veterinary College


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