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Valuable business insights beyond just technical help


With a lead time of 25 years for some of our single malt whiskies, ensuring the right stock usage is critical in our business.  We sought the expertise from EpiX Analytics to develop our own strategy further and enhance our modelling ability and forecasting. EpiX Analytics’ consultants quickly got up to speed and delivered beyond just technical help, providing valuable business insights.   The criticality of the work meant that timescale was vital.  The lead consultant in particular was instrumental in developing the model we now use, in just under three months – on time and on budget.   Overall it has been a thoroughly productive collaboration and I would highly recommend Epix Analytics as a partner in any similar project

Strategic stock management

David Kattenhorn
The Edrington Group

Quickly grasped our problems and delivered an efficient solution


We had a pressing need for a strategic optimization model and EpiX’s consultants found time to tackle our problem immediately. Given the very short timeline for the project we never met face-to-face, but communication was always prompt and efficient. EpiX quickly grasped our business problem and how this would translate into an efficient model, and delivered a model that did all we asked for and even gave us new insights into the business case in hand. The expertise and efficiency of EpiX Analytics made the project a great bargain compared to the time we would have spent trying to make such a model ourselves. We anticipate working with EpiX more in the future.

Vice President, Transmission System Operations and Development


Ari Suomilammi
Gasum Oy

More comfortable moving forward and influencing decisions

After internally developing the core Crystal Ball model for the Purchase Order approval process I had a few communications with Huybert with the goal to review and refine the model and understand how to best use CB. He was instrumental with helping to take the model to a level where I feel much more comfortable moving forward with it and influencing decisions and the implementation strategy.

Director, Process Improvement

Yvan Corriveau

Very pleased


Our team had previous notions of Crystal Ball prior to our Risk Modeling Training. The problems that we had were mostly related to the lack of confidence that everyone had in building risk models. Most team members were not too sure about which assumption to use when, there was very low awareness of potential modeling pitfalls, etc. So, our problems were not related to Crystal Ball itself but more related to HOW to best use it. Huybert came and provided a 3-day training to everyone and, couple of days after the training, I was able to already see great improvements in regards to HOW Crystal Ball was used. We are very pleased with the training provided and the professionalism and contagious enthusiasm of Huybert.

Thank you again for your dedication.

Performance Management Director

Nancy Laramee

Outstanding Work

Thanks again for your outstanding work and positive attitude, your remarkable commitment, and for having made yourself available at such short notice despite other client commitments. All much appreciated.
Once again, EpiX over delivered.

Vice President

Jean Bonnavion
Palamon Capital Partners

Extremely Valuable


Huybert and Francisco did an excellent job of demonstrating how quantitative risk analysis methods can be applied to inform real-world decisions. As consultants, Huybert and Francisco have provided clear, insightful, and prompt guidance. Our relationship with Epix Analytics has been extremely valuable.

Director Clinical Pharmacology

Paul Mudd Jr.

Superb course

I want to thank EpiX Analytics and the instructor, Dr. Zagmutt, for his knowledge, patience and humour during this superb course. The challenging and thorough course material provided a solid foundation for quantitative risk analysis. I now have the tools required to construct robust quantitative risk models that can be used to inform decision-makers. Dr. Zagmutt’s professional yet personal approach made the course very informative and enjoyable. His ability to clearly explain difficult concepts was exemplary. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone interested in risk analysis for epidemiology.

Food Safety and Animal Health Division

Simon Otto, DVM, PhD
Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development

Extremely conscientious and proactive

We engaged Huybert and EpiX in a several-month project to help us make major improvements in our proprietary stochastic investment optimization models. In addition to being expert in the field of sophisticated risk modeling and analysis, Huybert and his team were a joy to work with, often going above and beyond the original scope of work while staying faithfully within budget. They were extremely conscientious and proactive in involving us to make sure the project was progressing according to the agreed timeline and going in a direction beneficial to us. They often made very insightful recommendations on how to make our approach more accurate, reliable, and efficient, and were very accommodating when we made mid-course revisions. They are consummate professionals, and “good people” too. We are looking for opportunities to work with them further, and have already referred EpiX to other firms in our industry.

Principal, Chief Investment Officer

Jerry A. Miccolis, CFA®, CFP®, FCAS, MAAA
Brinton Eaton


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